Aquarius Daily Horoscope for June 20

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You’ve shown a lot of patience so far Aquarius, but the time has come to carefully analyse all the situations that affect you and act wisely. You have nothing to worry about because you’ve been blessed with great analytical capacity.

You can overcome any setback because you’re able to transmute the worst circumstances into your best challenges. This special quality will help you to achieve all your aspirations in love.

You feel very confident in yourself, so singles will try to seduce the people they’re interested in without thinking about it twice. That, along with the positive influence of the stars, will help you achieve what you set out to do.


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A project or objective that you’ve been working on all year comes to a decisive moment now. What will your next move be, Aquarius? Will you go ahead and take this to the next level or will you move forward in a new direction?

If you’ve been thinking about a career change, the full moon has given you a starting point. You might also go after more select clients, get a promotion or accept a leadership role.

Your diligent effort can be acknowledged with a reward or with a flattering rumour from your colleagues at work. In addition, your most creative part comes out, if you put it at the service of your profession you’ll assure your success.


You have to look after your immune system since it’s likely that your body’s defenses are affected these days due to some planetary transits. You may have a fever, a cold and a cough, so avoid junk food and cold drinks.

A balanced diet and regular exercise would be beneficial for your physical health. You could experience stressful situations that have the potential to affect your mental and psychological health. Avoid being super active, as it could generate stress.

In general terms, your physical health is still good and your mood is optimal, so today you won’t have great concerns related to your body or your emotions. Continue your introspection work and keep moving forward regarding your growth every day.