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Love is like a tide, it doesn't always run high. If you didn't want to do something when you could, you won't be able to when you can... Are you wasting a chance at happiness that you're being offered through that person opening up their heart to you, Aquarians?

If you love someone, what are you waiting for? Go and say it out loud! Dosing things down when you shouldn't will only make the other person lose their patience with you, and it's a fact that you're attracted by highly sexually appealing individuals.

What's the worst that could happen? Give in to that feeling, you've already got a no. Aim for the yes!

And if you're already dating, be more emotionally vulnerable. It's not nice to have the other person opening up to you, and you start thinking about your own stuff, changing topics at the slightest chance... Today you need to make some room in your agenda for your feelings.

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If you know that much clearly that you want to help people, what's stopping you? It's not like you'll become rich over night, but you won't do so either if you work in a low-qualification job.

Yes, you need training, but the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be done. The world needs more people like you, people who want to take care of others and guide them because their heart says so.

Don't live in fear. There's a corner in this world that's rightfully yours; you just have to go out and find it. You're not here to do some mindless 9-to-5 job to settle for what people say about you. Find a way to grow as a person through your job.


Visiting old locations could heal your chronic nostalgia. Go there and come back, because you somehow need to come to terms and find comfort in everything you've experienced. Turning off those feelings makes you unhappy.

You're about to experience inner transformation, but don't live it through restlessness; embrace it! It could be a sign of psychological change coming from the acceptance of your aging body.

If you're ladies going through menopause, you need to assume that life is a constant progression of stages. Rejoice that a bodily process you got nothing good from is now over. Have some extra calcium for your bones and enjoy life!