Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Right now, your life is a romantic movie. You're surrounded by love and completely fulfilled sentimentally speaking. Congratulations!

Love and sexuality will go closely hand in hand today. Whatever sex you have will be passionate, but with that delicate, tender flair that makes you crazy. The perfect combination!

Despite the painful memories and whatever difficulties you might have gone through in the past, today you'll dust yourselves off from the dustmites of misery and you'll let yourselves go with sensations.

If you're single, let the other person take the first step. They know you're interested, now's their turn to make a move.

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Following your own ideas and intuition will turn out to be really profitable today. The moon's inspiration is at the service of the hard-working, intellectual Mercury to enrich your active imagination.

Don't lose track of all the steps you'd planned before you start on your ascending path to the finish line. They're well thought-out, so don't doubt for a single moment, no matter what the opinions of others are.

Today it'll be all about good guesses and ideas, and your mind will be sharp all the way from the issue to the solution.

If you look around, you'll be able to appreciate the new situations that could play in your favour.


As far as your physical and mental health are concerned, you're in good shape, and you'll finally forget about your self-esteem issues.

It's best if you don't eat and then lie down for a nap. The body doesn't need that much energy before resting, and that's precisely what keeps that annoying fat belt around your waist going.

To avoid feeling those hunger pangs, you'd do well in having a good, sturdy breakfast. It's the finest-kept secret of slim people. A nice breakfast manages hunger for the rest of the day.