Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




Today you’ll continue to experience mixed feelings about your partner. You have to think if you have real reasons to feel that way or if it’s all a product of a bad personal moment that you’re projecting on your loved one.

However, Aquarius, it would be nice to remember that even if your motives are based on real things, this is only a mirror that shows you what’s inside of you. Our partners only reflect how we treat ourselves.

Single natives still have a long way to go if they really want to get involved in a stable relationship. First, they have to decide what they prefer, a passing story? Summer love? A one-night adventure? Or they might really crave a stable relationship...


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Aquarius, the things you have to do to improve your finances are surely easier than you think. While your income right now comes from the only job you have at the moment, this could also change.

Open your mind to find new ways to increase your earnings. Keep a positive image of how events will unfold in mind and research about your true vocation.

If you manage to define the career path you’d like to focus all your energies on, this will open a path where success will flow abundantly. Set your limiting thoughts aside and trust your instinct.


Aquarius, you know that your main battle is still your diet. You don’t have real problems with being overweight, at least for now, but you don’t eat healthily. Learn to chew and taste food and of course, eliminate sugar and fats from your diet.

Emotionally, thoroughly focusing on the knowledge of certain ancestral philosophies will help you find a mind-body balance. Consciously study everything related to this discipline, don’t just focus on the superficial.

If you can manage your time to devote some of it to your physical and spiritual well-being, today you can achieve a very healthy routine, which you can incorporate into your daily life.