Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The love that starts in such an intense way fills you with pride. You deserve that quite a lot, after the rocky past your heart has had to experience.

You compare your past romances with the current owner of your thoughts, and you realise you'd never felt like this before. It might be that life is a complete learning experience aiming at true love; or at least, as native Aquarians, that's how you find out about it.

Don't be mean to your previous partners, or talk badly about them. Despite their limitations, they did their best, and they're the ones that made you become more ready to fully admit what the path of perfect love looks like.

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Creativity and strength are boiling up inside you. You're not usually the ones to break taboos or non-written rules in your company to make what you want to happen a reality, but today it won't really matter... Anything can happen today!

Be very careful and avoid going too far with a colleague. If you take your charm and willingness to earn benefits the easy way too far, things could go really wrong really easily.

You won't be able to avoid some compulsive shopping in certain items that remind you of your childhood. You think they're senseless investments, but you're actually getting a great deal of inspiration from these purchases, aside from getting to remember who you are. That's okay, but try to find a nice halfway point, Aquarians.


Don't throw your hands over your head about everything you still have to do, and go step by step in the right direction that you set at the beginning of the year to improve your health.

Whether it means taking your weight down or recovering from injuries, getting your health back isn't something that's quick to sort out. It requires constant efforts, aimed straight at a specific goal.

From this illness, you'll extract important life lessons. For instance, all things worthy in life come to us in the same way: by focusing our efforts into one single area.

Remember that the ocean is made of billions of tiny drops, and that they shape the cliffs and coastlines you see around you, one wave at a time...