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You usually avoid talking about politics in any social gathering, but today you'll have to dive into those murky waters to help out a friend. Normally you wouldn't do this, but sometimes there's situations where this needs to happen.

If you're trying to find someone who gives you part of their liveliness and with whom you can share your life, try out new methods you haven't given a chance to. It would be quite interesting if you dressed different today, or if you got a brand new haircut.

And if you try out a new pathway to work or the shops, you'll be surprised about the results of this choice... Easy-to-meet people who could turn your life upside down are waiting around the corner, so stay alert.

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You're indestructible today! Chance is taking a peek into your life, and you'll finally be able to enjoy that cash you're earning, or even a bit of your savings, but without resenting it too much.

It's all about financial expansion for you, and the odds are definitely in your favour, but make sure you have what you need and become responsible for it, Aquarians.

Since you earned the respect of the authorities, you're more able to create change in your life. It's a great day for you indeed.

Calculated risks are the key to your success. You've got the potential to do everything extremely well on your own. Don't underestimate your good luck. Today, the stars are on your side, and this luck will bring you some great fortune.


Your daily life, multiple commitments, tight schedules and the great array of ready-made meals that promise to save our time and efforts don't usually keep you in too good health, Aquarians.

The pancreas and liver are two essential organs for the digestive tract to work well, and they have a crucial role in synthesising fats and digestive enzymes. You'll feel them getting into overload mode because of Mercury's foul transition.

Green tea helps you drop fat off your liver, and its high anti-oxidant properties favour regeneration. Still, it isn't advisable to have more than one cup a day of this beneficial herbal tea.