Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




You’ve provoked an argument that you could have avoided, however, all is not lost. If you’re able to apologise and explain how you feel assertively, there’ll be no major consequences.

Aquariuslove isn’t a battlefield, nor is it a panacea that will cure all your sorrows. Learn to see your share of responsibility in your relationships with others, especially regarding your partner.

You’re still living in a fantasy world, so it’s very difficult you’ll find someone who lives up to your expectations. When you abandon these impossible ideas about love, you’ll be able to find a person with whom to start a stable relationship.


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You’ll have to work more hours to increase your income. It isn’t a good time to invest in new financial projects. The energy of money is somewhat stagnant so you should be careful.

Regarding your career, you’ll have to earn every extra you want to get. It isn’t time to receive promotions, but your job isn’t in danger either. You’re in a comfort zone without changes at a professional level.

Don’t expect the goddess of fortune to knock on your door today, you’re not in a particularly good moment regarding luck. You don’t have bad luck, there simply won’t be changes or anything regarding the circulating planetary energies at this moment.


If you feel a drop in energy, don’t worry, it’s just a symptom of accumulated fatigue. You’ll soon be full of energy again and your body will respond as you wish. For now, take note of how you feel and take the necessary steps to solve it.

Make an appointment for a massage, visit a Spa or treat yourself to a treatment that besides healing your body, also provides relaxation and mental calm. These days you need to recover your internal balance more than ever.

Don’t give your personal growth up for fear or pride. You’re not better or worse than anyone else, like everyone else on the planet, but what makes you different is your ability to get to know yourself and improve day by day.