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Aquarius, your horoscope for today reveals that your romantic relationship will be somewhat strenuous. This is mainly because you'll be more focused on your professional life and personal development than on matters of the heart.

The natives of the sign who are in relationships are likely to argue for practically the whole day. The day isn't favourable to agree on anything of make, because you're both still feeling very stressed.

For their part, single Aquarius can find love, but outside their country of residence. Today's horoscope predicts a passionate romance with someone who lives abroad. If you're willing to experience this love Aquarius, prepare to move.

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Regarding money, prosperity will come, but you probably still have to wait some time. At the moment, you have everything you need to live more or less comfortably Aquarius.

Regarding work, your horoscope for today predicts that people will appear who'll help a lot when it comes to achieving your goals for your career. These people will be able to make you shine, trust them.

In general Aquarius, today will be a fairly quiet day without major changes regarding your finances or your career. The only thing that stands out is the support you'll receive in your workplace, so don't waste it.


On a physical level Aquarius, today your horoscope recommends you to take a deep breath in a quiet place. Leave intellectual work for later, walk away from your computer screen and go breathe some fresh air.

On the other hand, to improve your mood, you should participate in a group physical activity. Those self-defense classes you want to attend are still taking place, so don't leave them for another day.

Finally, Aquarius, today's horoscope predicts an auspicious day to discuss your feelings with someone you trust. Let all those worries you keep inside out and you'll see how at the end of the day, you'll be able to go to bed with a more peaceful mind.