Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You deserve to feel what's burning you up inside, and to ignore social conventionalisms. You've come to realise you need to change things around in some of your personal relationships, to keep them fresh and lively.

But in order to reach that stage, first you need to realise about some issues connected to emotions you've managed to ignore. You'll gladly give yourselves the chance to express your opinions more openly than usual.

You might fail someone you love dearly, but your honest regrets and your willingness to make things work between you will soothe and calm down the heart of the 'victim' of your behaviour.

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You've been making up plans in your mind for quite a long time, and today you'll finally get the signs to confirm that your plan is what should be done for sure. Now, all you need is to take the first step into making it happen. Today you won't know the meaning of fear.

Self-employment is a thing, now more than ever. You've got all the friends and business contacts you need to take the plunge into this adventure.

You'll meet people who can help you reach the areas you need thanks to their financing. You've got all tools available on reach, use them!

If your ideas are clear, the universe can do nothing but answer your pleas, because the world has only got room for those who dare express their will through full awareness.


You haven't paid too much attention to your looks as of lately. Yes, what's inside is what's important, but why should you turn everything into a dycotomy? Give yourselves the chance to look good, you deserve it!

Making an effort to look good is important to get surrounded by the positive energy you need to bring your projects into fruition and still stay healthy.

Whether it's a haircut or a little more exercise, you should admit to the fact that you need small changes and tweaks to look really good. Your invested time and efforts will be very worthwhile.