Aquarius Daily Horoscope for June 24

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Love is improving day by day Aquarius. Most of the tension between you and your loved one seems to dissipate. Today, love is synonymous with fun and service. Show your love by giving your lover a good time and also tending to their most practical needs. The formula to feeling loved is giving.

For singles, love opportunities await you in the most informal places: parties, sporting events, concerts, entertainment and the like. Make the most of all these circumstances to meet someone who is similar to you.

Regarding your family and friendship, you’ll experience very happy moments. The new friends you’ll meet from today will be part of your life for a long time.


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Your finances become more active and aggressive as Mars moves into your Money House. You’ll propose making prosperity happen instead of allowing it to happen. This is very important because you have control of the situation.

You’ll enjoy great energy to achieve your financial goals. As we have seen in previous weeks, sales, marketing, public relations and communication are important for a good end result.

On the other hand, you need to avoid taking financial risks, which include speculative reasons. However, calculated risks will pay off. Study the pros and cons of each decision well.


Your health has improved a lot compared to last week. Mars in your sign gives you energy and magnetism and improves your athletic performance. You’ll be interested in health issues today and all this week and you aren’t willing to let problems influence you.

Healthy diets and exercise should go well. With Saturn now in your Health House, you have to combine spiritual and meditation techniques with your daily routines. You should advisable pay the same attention to your spiritual training as to your physical one.

On an emotional level, you’re preparing to make an important change in your life. Continue to develop every aspect that entails discovering your feelings, as well as self-knowledge. This will give you freedom and greater confidence in yourself.