Aquarius Daily Horoscope for March 24

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Accept offers to experience something new with that person who you may not really trust that much. You’ll enjoy yourself a lot, whether it’s a trip abroad or a proposal to do some kind of extreme activity.

Mistrust in others is prudent and it’s better to take a step back when you start hearing alarm bells, but in this case, they’re completely unfounded. He or she has good intentions and if you don’t want anything of a sexual nature to happen, they’ll undoubtedly respect your wishes.

You don’t only have to make friends thinking of a future sexual encounter, Aquarius. Everyone knows you love friendship, but you’re prioritising intimate relationships over real friendship lately.


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You may find yourself with a financial opportunity or an unforeseen gain. Sometimes the stars reward you in the most unsuspected ways for all your effort and determination. What counts is that you always keep moving.

If you need someone to lend you money, it’s a good time to talk to the bank manager.

Investments will be really boosted and if you’ve been thinking about an important purchase like a house or a car, you can now go ahead with those plans.

You should be thinking big instead of concentrating on the details. Take the opportunity of growing professionally if it comes in the form of new duties within your role at work.


Don’t go to the pharmacy immediately if you feel your body is a bit swollen. Put up with the pain a bit...

Swelling is responsible for your capacity to suffer injuries and get over them. Without this natural process, infections wouldn’t be controlled nor would wounds heal and the injured organs would have permanent ulcers.

It’d be a different thing if it was chronic inflammation, in which case it’d be a sign of your organism failing. Go to the doctor if so.