Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You'll have to be quick if you're looking for love. The person you're watching closely could very soon leave with someone else, Aquarians. Right now, it'll be good for you if you do something completely out of the ordinary, something different to let that person know you're interested.

You need to renew yourselves and leave fancy, flashy love statements behind. Find a new way to get closer to others. Everyone will love your fresh new flair!

The energy from the planets coming your way will allow you to stay in touch with your deepest feelings, so it'll be really easy to connect with your beloved, just like with your friends and family.

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Right now you have the feeling you're falling behind on your goal-getting. You're not being experimental enough. You should dare to try those new ideas you see in your imagination, with your full Aquarian mentality, well aware of your Uranian gifts.

When it comes to money, you're cautious. Your financial safety is important to you, and that's why you always make sure you've got money in the bank.

You'll come to find that there's someone not entirely happy about their role in your life when it comes to money and status. They feel inferior. Show them that what you've got is not as important as what you are, and encourage them to reach for the stars, if there really is a good relationship between you.


Give yourselves the benefit of doubt, because you need it sometimes. You tend to judge yourselves too harshly, Aquarians.

Your responsibility load stops you from sharing with others because you're too proud. You'd rather take the whole thing on your shoulders. Give yourselves the freedom to take care of yourselves first, instead of the rest of the world.

Watch some areas of your diet and exercise routine. They might not be the best for you, and that could be why you're bored and not feeling like sticking to a routine.