Aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 26

Your Horoscope for Friday
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Today you feel especially prone to show your positive feelings. Although this week has been full of emotional instability, these turbulences come to an end. Now you can relax and appreciate all the good things your relationship brings.

Remember that relationships are where we put ourselves to the test Aquarius, every wound of the unresolved past will come out to be healed. Be grateful for the private moments you share and focus on everything you are learning.

Trusting yourself and your ability to give and receive love will open up new possibilities for you. Whether you have a partner or not, it’s time to appeal to the purest feelings in your heart to attract lasting relationships.


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Your finances are still stable, the way you’ve managed your income so far is paying off. Your ability to manage money is the basis on which you can find a better income for the future.

Professionally, you still feel a lack of motivation, but if you continue to do your part and prove your worth, you’ll soon feel comfortable in your role. It’s not a time of great changes, simply consolidate your positions.

Be patient with routines, they’re necessary to achieve your goals. To change that feeling of stagnation, the best thing you can do is look for the positive things in your work environment. This new perspective will produce positive changes.


Today you’ll feel more energised to carry out social activities and get rid of that heaviness that has haunted you during the week. A new feeling of strength and fulfillment makes you feel in perfect health.

Your spirits are also high, so you have everything you need to enjoy a very full day. Immerse yourself in this feeling of well-being that runs through your body and vanishes everything that steals your joy.

It’s time for fun in the company of those around you who appreciate you. Share your good vibrations with others and tell them about everything you’re feeling, they‘ll respond in a very positive way.