Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You're in luck. The stars give you the chance of making an important relationship more serious. But it doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic one, it might be just a good friend whose heart will finally open up completely to you.

You'll be more willing to have long conversations and talking about shared experiences, rather than participating in cultural activities and, ultimately, distractions that take you away from conversations and the exchange of thoughts.

A group of friends whom you usually hang out with could also see the benefits of your participation. In some way, you'll be conversation creators, and the ones to direct the thread of conversations towards issues that actually do matter which should be discussed more often.

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People with whom you just couldn't get along might try to look for your help or advice today. Don't be resentful, Aquarians. As much as you love revenge, giving in and helping them out will bury the hatchet once and for all. This is so much more important than your ego winning the battle, don't you think?

The more people you've got working in your favour, the easier for you it'll be to be productive at work today.

If you need to pay up and get rid of tons of debts, it's time for you to actually consider and seriously think about how you'll get the money back. Otherwise, interest will just keep going up.


Today your main tendency will be to get rid of both physical and emotional impurities. You'll send away everything that annoyed you or the things you couldn't take in too well for the last few days. Why keep that burden over your shoulders anyway?

Depending on how serious the issue is, writing down your thoughts or even drawing might help you release yourselves from the grip of tension. It doesn't matter if it isn't the best quality; what's important here is to take those foul emotions and feelings out of your body and mind.

It'll also help if you take a walk, do some exercise and even sweat through a strong aerobic session. Releasing toxins means you cleanse your mind from foul energy vibrations as well.