Aquarius Daily Horoscope |




You have an ideal day ahead to surrender to the pleasures of love and share all your good feelings with your loved one. Don’t discard anything and flow with the good vibes that you now feel again.

It’s time for moments of peace and relaxation in the company of the family. You recover the kind tone and the willingness to share the best of you with the people you most appreciate. It’s as if you got a second chance, so do it right this time.

If you don’t have a partner, the stars reveal a lot of activity related to new people that come into your life. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to simply enjoy yourself and don’t judge or project anything that isn’t the present moment.


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This last day of the week you feel more able to make decisions regarding your finances. These decisions will not imply immediate actions but will mark something important for the future.

New ideas come to you on how to improve your career, not only by contributing new things in your current environment but also in relation to job changes and long-term aspirations.

Although it isn’t time to invest large sums of money in any project, you can make the most of the hunches and desires that come to you to plan and schedule decisions that will benefit you financially.


Your body is responding positively and you begin to feel more energised Aquarius. Today you can spend the day out, breathing the sea air or walking in the mountains is a good idea. If you aren’t able to, go to a nearby park and relax, learn to enjoy doing nothing.

The tensions and internal conflicts that marked the beginning of the week are already over. Now you’re the same calm and easygoing person Aquarius as you’ve always been. Celebrate this fact by giving yourself completely to expanding and increasing these good vibrations if possible.

It’s a good time to learn more about yourself and know how to recognise your emotions when they get out of hand. Now that you’re feeling relaxed again, it’s the right time to see things in perspective.