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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for December 27

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You've been a carefree lone wolf for a long time because your inner world is in turmoil. Socialising helps your heart work smoother, Aquarians, so do something to bring some love into your life. There's chances coming your way.

In these changing times, the connection in romantic love and sex are phenomena that can occur separately. Most Aquarians get this, although some can't find the courage to go free because of what people might say (even if they think so).

There's no need to wait for the love of your life until you can have some nice steamy sex with whoever makes your heart skip a beat. Let your prejudice aside, and enjoy life, because it falls short!

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You're the embodiment of confidence. The improvement in your situation at work gives you a brand new start, another path where you can start anew. There's so many of them behind you! Go on, the upward track always represents an exciting new pathway.

Although your current landscape might not be that soothing, because from your current position, you can see some shadows lurking around.

However, this is a new starting point, and therefore, there's renewed hopes for riches and prosperity. While still being humble, having companionship and being ready to help, learn from the experts around you.

Keep working hard with the certainty of a nice, bright future, Aquarians.


The Magic Horoscope would like to call out on Aquarian men. All this mental dispersion makes you forget about standard check-ups. When was the last time you checked on your prostate?

Its size increase is usual, especially if you're over 50. But don't worry, there's no straight connection to prostate cancer. However, it might put pressure into your urethra, thus making it harder to urinate. Perhaps you might already be experiencing some difficulties now more than before.

Prevention is always best. A rectal exam is what determines how your prostate's doing, but don't worry because, even though it's a little annoying, it's not painful. So now you know; if you're starting to get old, a good check-up is never out of order.

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