Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Aquarians, one of your most volatile and complex emotional issues could be sorted out today. You're closing a painful chapter of your past life that often stops you from enjoying the present. You're finally able to find satisfaction with the person beside you.

Bliss has found a home in your relationship and house, but also in the more shallow relationships with those friends you see once in a while. You're happy they're in your life. In some way, everyone you know did a part of the work to make you who you are now.

Social gatherings will be intense and rewarding. If you're single, it's quite likely that you'll meet whoever will be your next partner. It's best if you keep your feet on the ground, because then you always get too excited...

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You literally are a money-making machine. If you work in the night leisure business, your income will multiply depending on the arrangement of planets such as Pluto or Jupiter.

The intensity of your sign and the power of the stars combined give you great skills and bring the most pleasant situations to make your dreams come true.

Make sure all the money you're spending doesn't fall through the drain. While you're investing, it wouldn't be too bad an idea to start thinking about retirement and the things you want to get done in the long run.


Aspects between planets predict good health and more liveliness than ever. As your mind clears, you're getting ready to face a perfect, painless day.

Have a good breakfast and carry out those small gestures and actions that end up becoming a better protection and a stronger shield against disease. You pay attention to minor symptoms but stay away from obsession, and that's mighty fine!

Add some stretches and you'll have the ultimate day with limitless personal power.