Aquarius Daily Horoscope |




Relationships with others aren’t always easy, so you can’t give in to provocations Aquarius. Your mood is already somewhat unstable, don’t fall into the negativity of those around you.

The attitude of others won’t always coincide with yours, nor will their opinions or beliefs. Make sure you respect the individuality of each person without falling into the need to want to change them. Each person is different and has their reasons to behave the way they do.

Respecting your mood and understanding others’ will be the key to making today calm and harmonious. Don’t let yourself be dragged down by other people’s storms, you have enough work to do keeping your own boat afloat.


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Visualise your future in the short term and organise your finances to finalise your plans. You’re at a time when organisation and foresight will help you make all your projects happen. Don’t leave to chance what you can control.

Trying to work out thing in the workplace will be your maxim today. The good thing is you won’t have to make a big effort to achieve it. A simple smile or a kind word can work wonders in your relationships with others.

If you avoid direct confrontations and opt for the way of doing without doing, you’ll get better results. Don’t underestimate your ability to remain calm in times of generalised stress.


Your physical body responds to cycles, just like tides and seasons. It’s all right if today you find yourself with little energy because, in due time, everything will be balanced again. Being aware of it and not demanding more of yourself than what you can do will be enough.

You can keep your balance when it comes to health by trying not to do more than your possibilities. You know how far you can go better than anyone else. Don’t cross the line, accumulated fatigue for a long time has unpleasant consequences.

Your irascible mood can easily turn into physical symptoms. Check those back pains, migraines and bowel discomfort, they’re just a reflection of your accumulated nerves. If you let your emotions out, your body will re-establish its natural balance.