Aquarius Daily Horoscope |




Aquarius today will conclude that so much struggle for their freedom has ended up distancing them from their loved ones. The stars predict that today they’ll feel a strong need to be in a relationship and recover their emotional bond.

As for the family, today they’ll have the help of a trustworthy person who’ll advise them wisely to find a way to solve a family problem. They’ll have to start immediately.

On the other hand, it’s likely that some natives will finally realise that they been in love with a friend for longer than they would have thought possible. Once the relationship begins, these natives will feel reborn in the feelings that were asleep and that they even believed were lost.

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This last week of August, Aquarius will see how their money moves a lot, both inbound and outbound. The positive thing about these movements is that it’s a clear sign that your finances are in good health.

On a professional level, those whose careers are related to teaching will have to be prepared to face a very frantic beginning of the school year. The stars predict intensive workdays.

On the other hand, Aquarius will be able to face all the challenges and problems that could arise in their career, because that’s why they’re great strategists. At the moment, they could use new leadership skills.


A healthy diet will prevent them from having health problems, especially when it comes to their blood, such as high cholesterol levels. Excesses in summer can wreak havoc on the health of Aquarius.

Today’s horoscope also predicts some irritability and restlessness related to the end of the holidays. Learning to live more in the present would be a great lesson to learn for the natives of this sign.

On the other hand, to calm their nerves and mind, which is always racing, they could enjoy some time alone in contact with nature. If this isn’t possible, it’s best to dedicate time to one of your favourite activities such as reading or music.