Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



You often get lost in idealistic thoughts and that stops you from being willing to see reality for what it is. Sometimes it can get real tough and ugly, and your imagination is so vivid and colourful... But reality always forces you to see things for what they are. This is essential for an airy sign like you.

The moon power will make you attempt to free yourselves from the social conventionalisms you deem unnecessary. Emotions will run freely.

With a detached inner status, it's time to free yourselves from the emotional loads that were imposed on you, but which were never yours in the first place.

If you're in a (too) steady relationship, you'll tend to grow distant today. In the worst case scenario, your relationship will be completely over.

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Although your points of view don't usually include money as something vitally important, you should think about making better wages that fit your skills better, because you deserve so much more. You're being paid much less than you actually should...

This wrongful situation will keep going until you protest and raise your voice, and your moping and complaining will only keep getting worse. Are you going to let that happen, Aquarians?

Today, you've got a secret weapon: that paralysing fear you used to have is now gone, and you can be yourselves in all areas of life. Express what you really think, because objectivity and truth are on your side.


Today, your metabolism will work great, your immune system will be active, and you'll easily get rid of all traces of virus, bacteria and toxins.

You earn great benefits from having an exercise routine. Without it, you lose track of where things are going, and you don't feel like you're taking care of your health. The good thing is, you can find the fun side in everything, and you definitely have a blast working your body out.

Besides, you can use that huge drive to do things to cleanse your body by bringing in some vitamin C, the one that feels the best on your body, through having more broccoli, chard and spinach.