Aquarius Daily Horoscope for January 28

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You feel in the mood for romance, and that brings extra warmth into all your relationships, Aquarians. It's something not too usual in you, because you'd rather keep your distance most of the time. Listen to that sudden intuition, because nothing bad could ever come out from opening up to others.

You'll want to prepare a romantic, intimate evening with your partner, but you probably won't stop there. Would you like to take an extra step in your intimacy? Go for it! Everything will be smooth sailing. Don't stop either when some public displays of affection make their entrance.

Venus' good-vibration cosmic state towards native Aquarians gives you the chance of making peace with someone with whom you've had some serious issues going on. Finding some time to sit down for a chat would be excellent initiative from you, Aquarians.

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Venus' kind influence will also be visible when it comes to your finances. There'll be extra protection around your home, belongings and valuables. The universe also points out that abundance will soon make its entrance into your life through unique opportunities.

It all points out that there'll be another serious change from now on until the year's over. You'll make new plans that will help you save plenty of money in the future. Bet and invest on them, because they will help your confidence and self-belief grow.


You can find great benefits and get more creative thanks to the planets' influence throughout today. Your daily routine might get a little too dreary, and today you're encouraged to break it up, in order to let a gust of fresh air blow into your life.

The present gives you the sparks and energy you need to be happy, so you just have to bring back the faith you used to have in your previous healthy practices and activities.

Stay open to change, look for the unusual, find happiness, and share it through your words. Besides, today you could make a new friend that matches you in many areas related to health.