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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for December 29

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



They're too lazy, they're not enough of a man or woman compared to your past partners... It looks like you'll be awfully ready to criticise, Aquarians. Mercury retrograde along with Pluto will bring out your fussy side.

You get lost in the intellectual sphere. Focus on the reasons that make you want to spend time with them, instead of constantly assessing the reasons why they stick around. Obviously, it's because you're wonderful!

You have a great time whenever you hang out with them. Did you even expect more from life? No one can say for sure whether you'll have a better time than now when you find someone with those so-called "ideal" traits.

Here's a line that you should always remember: don't go to another party if you're already having fun. This will keep you focused on the present.

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The fact that you've reached this messy state means that you're absolutely uninterested about that job, so you're not willing to do your best. If you think hard and deep about it, you'll know that's the case, Aquarians.

You've spent your whole life being a harsh critic on yourselves... Do something new. Try being flattering to yourselves for a change! You underestimate your achievements and all the skills you've worked so hard to develop. Why? You're on the right track: the track of dissatisfaction.

Let those heavy, slowing sides of your personality die away. You're about to burst into life; that is, if you let yourselves fall first and break ties with the fakery around you.


Are you out of home and can't find your way around? Travelling abroad is interesting and it makes you grow emotionally, but it could also easily become a living nightmare if you don't take measures.

Food might feel foul to your belly if there's unknown ingredients that your body can't digest properly, so find out what you're eating before you take your first bite. Also, even if water looks shiny and clear, you can't drink from just anywhere.

Carry a lantern around with you. Don't trust your phone to be your light source, the stars point out that you might need some extra lighting. You don't want to take the wrong step, right? Guided tours are your best choice for an adventure.

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