Aquarius Daily Horoscope for January 29

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Even if it seems like your loved ones are ignoring you, they don't mean it. Save for the fact that they might have been paying more attention to someone else or a different situation as of lately, they really didn't mean to do it.

We don't mean to be spoilsports here at the Magic Horoscope, but considering that today's your birthday, it might not be too crazy to think that they're preparing a surprise party!

And even if it isn't the case in the end, you can always show you're interested in others, to receive that attention you think you need. Soon, the people who have always been around for you will show you how much they care and love you.

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Today you might want to think about heading home early. If you have your own business, today people won't be too much worried about requesting your services or purchasing your products. No one's going to pay you for doing overtime, so... why not?

Let your private life be the star today. Besides, that'll be a way to give your employees a bit of a break, because even if it's something as silly as leaving early, they'll be very, very thankful for it.

Tomorrow will be another day to work your knuckles to the bone, to make the money you need to live and, why not, to try out small but quite feasible projects that could give you an interesting boost into your income.


Pay attention to your liver, Aquarians, because you tend to have more illnesses on this organ than other people. Crystals can be really painful and hard to get rid of if you're native Aquarians.

If you take the right measures and ask your doctor about it, you can avoid serious long-term consequences.

These measures mainly revolve around drinking less alcohol and much more water. If you're a social drinker, focus on working on your relationships from your usual, long-term mental state instead of going on a bender and drinking the day away.