Aquarius Daily Horoscope |




You’ll start this last week of July on the right foot regarding your love life. Things are going well with your partner, so it’s time to celebrate and enjoy this sacred encounter that is the relationship between two people.

In your family, the atmosphere will be relaxed in general, there may be a disagreement with the older members, but it will soon be solved so that it won’t disturb the harmony of your home.

If you don’t have a partner Aquarius, you’re at a particularly favourable time to start a romance. It all depends on your desire to commit to something more than sex or good times with someone else.

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It’s a good day for everything regarding money and business. You can count on extra income that you didn’t expect and that’ll be good for you to treat yourself to something nice. The holidays you’ve dreamed about are getting closer and closer each day.

In terms of work, you’re in a good position, because everyone knows how much you’re worth. A little innovation in your work could help you not fall into the routine and boredom that sometimes invades you.

Those who work on their own have the motivation and intelligence they need to make all the initiatives that come to mind progress. It would be a good idea to change the image of your business to attract more customers.


Today, you’ll start the week well, because your health will be good enough. Maybe you have let yourself go a little and have gone a bit overboard in relation to your diet, but you’re a disciplined person, so you’ll soon be back down to your ideal weight.

In your love life Aquarius, nobody like you knows that life is short and that you have to live it to the fullest. Test that feeling of fullness that is so characteristic of your sign and infect others with your enthusiasm today.

If you haven’t yet considered any creative activity outside of your daily routines, now is a good time for that. Art in all its facets can help you to relax and feel good, don’t leave that natural ability for the beauty of things aside.