Aquarius Daily Horoscope for June 29

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Today Aquarius, you’ll have the opportunity of strengthening your relationship with your partner through sincere dialogue. You can talk about everything that worries you about your relationship to fix and improve your romantic bond.

Regarding your family, if you have children, it’ll be a good time to plan a fun family activity. Your children won’t only thank you, but this will serve to strengthen your ties.

Singles are full of enthusiasm and determination, so it won’t be difficult for them to conquer that special person. You have enough charisma today to approach someone you like and get a more than positive response. Your approach will be well received.

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You will continue enjoying a good financial streak, although reason tells you that it’s better to be prudent and save for possible future problems. You’ll do well because later you’ll have to face important financial challenges.

Those who are freelancers have the support of powerful people who’ll guide them and provide them with the help they need to carry out their projects. It’s a good time to invest and modernise your business. Everything you undertake today will be a success.

It’s also a good day to go see that new home you’ve been thinking about in that estate that’s far away from the city centre. If your budget can stretch a little, don’t skimp on expenses. It’ll be the perfect place to lead a very comfortable life.


Today you’ll wake up with enough energy to subdue your body to a hard sport session. If you like to run, go out and run a few miles, it’ll make you feel great. If you prefer any other sport, such as tennis, swimming or paddle, spend as much time as you can practising it.

You might go on a small weekend trip, so you shouldn’t stress your body too much, even if you feel very energetic. Avoid driving many hours in a row or under the influence of alcohol.

As for your inner world, your emotions have calmed down and today you’ll enjoy being in a good mood. Just enjoy the moment and don’t worry about anything.