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Don’t wait for the other person to give you what you need; expectations almost always end in disappointment Aquarius. Sometimes asking for what we need is not synonymous with weakness, but with strength. Don’t be afraid to communicate your needs to others.

You’re sensitive enough to put yourself in the place of the other person Aquarius, that’s why those who love you value you and look for you in difficult times. You can use that same capacity with yourself, to understand how you feel and what you want from others better.

By knowing what you want and learning to communicate it, you’ll be able to satisfy your personal needs without feeling frustrated. Others can’t guess what you are feeling and thinking if you don’t communicate it openly.


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Your relationship with the energy of money is improvable, so take the reins and get ready to get the profits you want. You have to understand that your blockages with respect to your capacity to generate abundance are what’s preventing you from achieving it.

Today you should start putting your financial affairs in order, that order will lead to new paths you can explore. Watch for the signs of new professional opportunities and don’t hesitate to take the risk if the occasion is worth it.

Your entrepreneurial spirit and your desire to innovate are two qualities that you can put to work in your favour. If you set achievable goals and plan all the steps to reach them, nothing will stop your progress.



Good health is unquestionably linked to the quality of your thoughts, even if it doesn’t seem like it, the way in which you face an illness contributes to getting over it. Not everything is in the hands of doctors, part of the work is in the way you experience things.

Maintain the best possible attitude when dealing with any ailment or setback when it comes to health. This will help you recover more quickly and prevent things from getting worse. Moaning or complaining about your pain won’t make it go away sooner.

Remember to take good note of everything that goes through your body to meet all your demands the best possible way. Your body is your ally and it’ll respond immediately if you pay it enough attention.