Aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 3

Your horoscope for Wednesday
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If you want to achieve stability with your partner today is a good day to show the love you feel. Venus is transiting your sign throughout this month, that makes you feel more tendency to show your affection with those around you.

If you don’t have a partner, don’t be in a hurry, that person who awakens all your passion will soon burst into your life. Libra and Taurus are perfect to discover affinities and embark on satisfying relationships.

You’ll feel that your personal charm attracts all kinds of praise. Receive them with gratitude but without narcissism. Nobody likes the excess of confidence Aquarius, because it’s a symptom of being self-centred.


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Today’s an excellent day to succeed in business and to find a job, don’t doubt in your ability to demonstrate all your professional worth. Your search will produce very good results.

There may be unexpected additional income, fortune is knocking on your door, don’t ignore it. If you trust in life, you’ll see how all your work will be rewarded. Your attitude will do more for you today than all your effort put together.

Appreciate this good financial streak that is approaching and you can already feel coming to your life and share your abundance with those around you. Giving is much more rewarding than receiving.


Your health, in general, is in an optimal state, so don’t worry about those little ailments that sometimes appear. You have the physical strength that you need to recover quickly from all sorts of ailments.

Remember that disease isn’t just a physical process, your emotional part plays a very important role in your state of health. If you are suffering something, increase your confidence in the process and you’ll see how this helps you overcome it.

As you have learnt to take care of yourself, you shouldn’t demand more changes at the moment, just eat what you know suits you and don’t forget to take some time for disconnection and rest.