Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Get your heart ready, because what you're about to hear won't feel good. Goodbyes are hard to say or hear, but they're even harder when unexpected. Your partner, or even a close friend, has decided that your current relationship must end.

What can you do about it? Life's like a train that sees all kinds of people constantly coming on and going off.

Shared trips last just enough, no more, no less. Don't cry or mope about it, because it's likely that you also felt it was time to break ties.

Habit oftentimes stops us from moving on and making progress in pursuit of new things to learn. You should be thankful that this time it was someone else who took the first step.

Each of us needs to be responsible of their own happiness.

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Are there hidden intentions lurking behind that deal? Do your research, Aquarians. That deal might not be as profitable as you might think... In fact, it's not profitable at all for what you want to get out of it.

Don't let your needs or first instincts lead you into making choices you'll have to regret later. Keep your mind cool, and your thoughts as objective as you possibly can. Ask other people about the contract's clauses.

Back home there's some trickery as well. The person renting you your home could be altering some numbers in their favour. It's good to trust others, but when there's money at stake, you always need to be suspicious about it (in a healthy way).


Do you train your brain regularly? No matter your age, memory can start to falter if it's not put into practice.

Memory's crucial to lead a healthy, happy life. Without memories, we lose our grip on reality, and that just brings some nasty disorientation.

The best way to make your mind stronger is nothing else but to stay active: avoid passiveness, and do activities that make you feel useful, like you're part of society.

Socialising with people is also crucial, it sort of 'forces' you to stay active, to use language and to get your mind going.