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Persistence, courage, faithfulness and calmness are valuable forms of moral integrity. These are guidelines that you more or less carry within as native Aquarians. Now more than ever, your relationships need this kind of truth when it comes to romance.

When the whole world seems to have taken the hint that it's not worth it to make investments in a romantic relationship because it's always about offer and demand, and there's always an end coming soon... Being radical and revolution-bound these days means believing in love and its upkeep.

Even if people tell you you're old-fashioned, keep those values alive! It's this sort of uncertainty when experiencing bonds what keeps people within a state of constant anxiety and the fear of being replaced at the slightest chance. Is this the price of modern life?

Soon you'll meet someone like you, as long as you keep defending what you believe in, Aquarians.

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When you're completely focused on a goal, you suddenly feel a sense of endless energy. This happens when you don't lose yourselves in concerns and barriers.

Pointing your thoughts at it straight as an arrow is one of the properties of a well-set Jupiter. The centaur's truth fits in just perfectly with Aquarians' most serious side.

Today's the perfect day to write, send e-mails, and even persuading your manager that you're the perfect candidate for that shiny new -and vacant- position.


Don't let people tell you you're not entitled to losing hope. You know your own timing, and you know that your emotions are like the sea; they can be on top of the world one minute, to crash into the deep the next.

There's nothing wrong about that as long as you can accept it and act accordingly. You don't feel like going out more than strictly necessary? Then, decline those meet-up invites, Aquarians.

Tomorrow will be a day to, once again, be willing to please others and become the center of attention, but just for now, you'd rather stay home.