Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Through the current cosmic transition, you'll receive a sense of inner peace that makes you see others from a compassionate point of view. Your revelations will push you to share this information with others.

You'll probably tend to join people who are more earthly than day-dreaming, precisely because you think that you'll be able to transform them through love so that they can have a more aware, less materialistic life...

Watch that underlying self-centredness. Don't be fooled, no one changes because someone wants to teach them a lesson. This is just another way to nourish your ego: "Now you're better, but only because of me".

Save your metaphysical and spiritual thoughts if whoever you choose isn't worthy, and make sure you repair your own inner selves. All you're doing trying to convince people is wear yourselves thin, Aquarians.

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Okay, you told your manager about it, but things won't get themselves sorted out all of a sudden, unless you do your share of the work. Be a role model to make everyone see how you want things to work, and people will start to emulate you. You were born to lead!

Your position will allow you to make whatever changes it takes to benefit your performance, and that of others as well. In the end, that's the basic idea of teamwork.

Money doesn't fly in through the window, but you're not spending it on unnecessary items either. Happiness is not directly related to how much you own, and you seem to have understood this perfectly.


If you avoid wearing yourselves thin, you're taking proper care of yourselves. There's situations that require your energy, time and effort, that need you to do your best; and others that are eternal spirals and vicious downward trips that take you to nothing but dead ends.

Watch out for that! Choose your battles wisely, because others just don't seem that worthy in the first place.

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