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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for December 30

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Transport methods or journeys might be a conflict hotspot for your current relationship. You're wondering why is it so hard to make progress in the relationship, even if you love each other dearly. But you're not made of stone, and no matter how much you love their soul... The flesh is calling.

The best way to overcome this challenge is to make more effort than usual to make an encounter happen. Did you get too comfortable, Aquarians?

Your partner's been able to fight for you in the past, so it would be real bad if now you lacked the strength to nourish the relationship when it needs you to do so the most. Trust your love and don't rule it out and away with this minor obstacle; it will be hard to find a worthy partner again.

If you're single, go find the person you're getting to know who is so special to you. To your surprise, the magic of true love will come around as soon as you exchange your first glances, and instinctively feel you belong to each other.

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Aquarians, you're on the extreme side of people who aren't concerned about money. You normally see it as something that affects relationships greatly, and even though you work and handle the numbers just like everyone else, you rarely enjoy thinking about the need to get goods.

However, since you won't be doing much to get a better financial environment these days, at least try to keep what you've got.

Don't splash the cash. There'll be better times to be a great host and get something for everyone... But don't you dare get skimpy with the person who won your heart over. If you're a real team, you should also complement each other financially.


Poor habits create illnesses or malfunctions in your body, even if you can't feel it at first. Watch certain habits of yours that are creating some background hormonal imbalance, and, in the long run, could seriously affect your health.

If you're an Aquarian lady using oral contraception, you should know that it contains hormones that could alter your body because of the increase in regular body index levels, due to taking those pills.

That's why it's crucial that they are only appointed by an expert who keeps a monthly track of what's going on with your body during the treatment.

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