Aquarius Daily Horoscope for January 30

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Your current cosmic state encourages you to take risks if you've been considering options and chances these days... Leaving your partner for good, or even telling the world about your love for someone else, are some of the ideas you've got in mind.

It's time for you to act instead of thinking things over and over so much. Don't care about the opinions of whoever thinks that person might not be the best for you. Listen to your heart, because it knows precisely what you need to be happy.

But, until you choose to do something, you won't be able to move on and focus your attention in other areas of your life. What's clear is that, during this transition from Pluto, you'll make some hard choices that'll change the course of your fate. But it'll be a change that you actually need if you want to evolve.

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Working little by little and not trying to do everything at once is an excellent strategy to improve your work performance and avoid stress from eating up and damaging your brain, Aquarians.

A good employee takes care of the other areas in their life. That's what you need to be ready to do your best when you get to work. Great progress and professional expansion and evolution start by keeping all areas of life under control.

Don't be mediocre enough to just show up at work, willing to get a monthly wage for doing the minimum required, Aquarians. Always aim and reach for the stars.


Get surrounded by nice environments, because you'll need peaceful thoughts. These are impossible to come around if you're always in the midst of all the bustle, Aquarians.

You might not realise it at first, but your external circumstances and conditions influence your health and even your thoughts more than you think they actually do. Do you have the right temperature at home? Does your environment smell nice? Is the air constantly renewed and refreshed?

When you get into your car, it's best if you roll your windows down, especially if it's been parked under the sun all day long, so that you avoid breathing in stagnant air. If you don't, this could give you some unadvisable nasty headaches when driving.