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Use your ingenuity and creativity to create romantic situations to surprise your partner. Taking the initiative won’t only make your partner happy, but you too. Instead of waiting for the other person to surprise you, get ahead and do what you would like them to do yourself.

If you’ve got a partner, organise a different type of date and do your best so that the spark of love doesn’t go out. If you don’t have a partner, it’s time to trust yourself and take the first step with that person you like. Your daring will give you very good moments.

Shake off your bad mood and the sensitivity you’ve been dragging along all week and get ready to face the day with a different attitude. Your internal change will be reflected immediately in your relationships with those around you.


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The cycles of the economy don’t affect you, your confidence and perseverance have allowed you to create your own rhythm in the material world. Temperance is the key and that’s something that you’ve already learnt. That’s why you know when to spend and when to save, this way you’ll never lack resources.

Don’t take unnecessary risks, but don’t get obsessed with not spending, enjoying the use of money is what contributes to the positive financial flow in your life. In addition, as you always know how to find solutions, you can overcome any financial troubles successfully.

Give yourself the opportunity of enjoying good times regarding money: a good dinner, a short trip, treat yourself. All this will help to change your relationship with your finances.


All that energy that you’ve been wasting in the form of anger this week would now be great for a busy weekend Aquarius. However, even if you got here with your batteries half empty, you know what you have to do to recover.

Don’t miss any occasion to have fun. Going out with your loved ones will help you recover your good mood and compensate for the tensions of this week. Open up to everything that implies fun and leisure.

Activities in nature will greatly help you to recharge yourself with positive energy and good company will be like a balm to cure all your emotional tensions.