Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



Love can be elusive, but that's just because you're trying to find it in places where there's nothing waiting for you... At parties and casual meet-ups, you can find plenty of happiness and merry feelings, but when people come back to their real selves, their personalities undergo drastic changes.

Stop this emotional erosion and find peace for your heart. What might not happen now could happen in the future. Give in to the here and now, but don't expect to find a soul with whom you can "cosmically" connect these days, Aquarians.

Instead, just do as usual, and try to enjoy your routine as much as you can. By focusing and bringing together small things around you, you'll find a sense of happiness that will make you forget about whatever emotional storm you might be traversing right now.

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Month-ends are tough, and that's the truth. Unexpected expenses, added up to your perhaps too optimistic expectations, made you spend more money than you'd planned to... again.

However, the protective influence of the stars will make friends and family show up, willing to help you financially. Even part-time jobs could call upon your door and present themselves as the excellent companion for your current income.

If you're planning to move, don't take the whole financial burden to yourselves. Some relatives are there to help out, so don't be proud and embrace whatever help you get.

Sharing a flat with more people if you live on your own is an excellent option for you, Aquarians. As natives of this sign you're always ready to mingle.


Health doesn't just have to do with being completely free of ill loads. Being healthy means keeping up a state of emotional and physical wellness that brings around more happiness, a wider lifespan and less chances of serious illnesses.

Having a balanced diet, resting well, exercising, staying positive and avoiding addictions are some of the tricks you can use to take care of yourselves and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Smoking and drinking shorten your lifespan and have foul effects for your liver's, heart's, stomach's, skin's and lungs' health.

Keeping up a positive attitude is directly linked to a longer lifespan. Staying away from negative thoughts will help you feel better and less prone to getting ill.