Aquarius Daily Horoscope |




Today you can enjoy good times with your partner, it’s very possible that they propose a visit to a place that you especially like. You’ll feel very well looked after and you can also shower the person you love with love.

As for your family, if you have children, the key today will be patience because it’s very likely that they’ll try to make you go crazy today. Teenagers will be very rebellious and you’ll find not arguing with them quite hard.

Singles are experiencing very exciting moments because new love is in sight. Now the key will be to be patient and see how that person reacts to your proposals. Remember that, in love, things should never be forced.

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You’ve had a few extra expenses recently, so that’s likely to have influenced your holiday budget. You shouldn’t worry Aquarius, just adapt the money you have to the new situation, that way you won’t have to give up anything.

If you’re thinking of buying a home or have done it recently, the place you have chosen will be the ideal place to meet people who, in the near future, will be important in your career. Don’t lose sight of your new neighbours.

The business and finances of Aquarius won’t undergo major changes today. This month begins with some peace of mind, as they’ll be able to face all the unforeseen events that may arise and also have the financial support of their loved ones.


Your physical health is good, except for recurring symptoms that you’re not entirely sure you should ignore. These symptoms will soon disappear and you’ll see how everything goes back to normal. Pay close attention to your body to find the keys to what’s going on.

In the emotional field, you’re experiencing a very positive moment, you feel that you are where you should be and that all the experiences that have brought you here have been the right ones. You’re a very practical person and you learn easily from experience.

Watch, however, your tendency to drown in a glass of water and try to look beyond appearances.