Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Your feelings will dangle one way and the other; one minute you'll feel ecstatic, and your mood will drop the next. All of this, plus some great intensity and contrast. This is Pluto for you, acting up...

Don't make life a game of all-or-nothing. People either love you or hate you, you think, but that's obviously not the case, as much as it seems. You better take a breath before you give your next answer.

Just when you thought your mind was finally cool and collected, there's this desire to change or alter everything coming from the inside, which is sometimes reflected on a constant sense of discomfort towards yourselves, Aquarians. Be very careful.

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Your skills for honest relationships with others make you close great deals. That's awesome! You'll easily dodge any blabbermouths and tricksters who try to sell you something you didn't ask for. Stay true to your principles and nothing can go wrong.

This unusual strength that the stars give you will allow you to get all your tasks done in time, even if you're way behind.

Pay attention to other people's money, because you'll easily get it into your hands. It'll come in the form of an inheritance, shared estate property and so on. This is always extra motivation to get your ideas from theory to practice. Don't miss out on this chance.


Walking might just be the most underrated of physical activities. Since it doesn't require much effort, people tend to think it doesn't burn enough calories. Couldn't be any further from the truth. Steps can make your whole body do some work and get into action.

With benefits ranging all the way from improved breathing to more bowel movements, walking is one of the best activities you can try.

Walk around instead of hopping on the bus at the slightest chance you get. Aside from that, your body tones up with activity as soon as you start walking around. But it doesn't mean that you have to walk a marathon! You just need to be consistent and go on walks on a daily basis.