Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




Try to live in the present for your relationship to flow, otherwise, you run the risk of dyeing this new story with the colours of the past. Don’t evoke painful situations or project on your current partner what you have experienced before.

What you’ve lived so far in your love life has brought you to where you are today. Think carefully if it’s your rightful place or if, on the contrary, you’d like to be somewhere else.

For those who don’t have a partner, today could be a very different day that changes everything.You have a person who can teach you a lot about true love before you. Open your eyes and find them among your acquaintances.

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Moving to action will be today’s financial motto since you can’t delay decisions anymore. You already know what you want to achieve and how to do it, now you have to take the step to get there.

In your career, you’ll have more chances of success if you chose professions that involve helping others, such as therapist, teacher, psychologist, etc. That doesn’t mean that the rest of the Aquarius will fail, but the stars are supporting these others.

If you work on your own, everything you can do to refresh ideas and procedures will come in handy. Study new ways to collaborate with other professionals and use your human values more in negotiations.


You feel well physically, but it may not continue like this if you keep giving thinking about things so much. Stop for a moment Aquarius, don’t go so fast, the world will still be there, even if you take a break.

Your emotions will be the protagonists of today because you’ll have a moment of great tension that will trigger old childhood behaviours. Getting nervous sometimes is okay, but don’t make that part of your character.

Strengthen the love you have for yourself through a positive and loving internal dialogue. Treat yourself like you’d treat the person you love the most, you need to explore all facets of your personality and make your inner self shine, nobody will do it for you.