Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You need to work on how to express what hurts you. Your deepest despair and wounds can't be shouted out into the wind. You need to keep them in and be aware of who to tell things to (or not). Only then will you be able to avoid future conflict.

There'll be a reflection and deep meditation event taking place, and it'll be time to assess many things related to your life and past wounds.

Don't pretend you don't have feelings, Aquarians. Pay attention to that wounded child living inside you. No matter how rational you are, life hurts us all the same way, one way or another.

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The way you perceive things will change because of a series of certain events. They will help you break your routine and break the rules as well. It's time for you to feel like you're part of the change.

The calm way to see events unfolding is making you adopt a calmer, more collected position. Only then will things flow more easily and smoothly. You can work on developing an energy that will help you get whatever you want.

You need to work from actions, not words. You need to take chances as they come, and not get stuck in the usual. In the midst of every chance, you can find something that makes you shine.


You need to understand that health issues come to your life so that you understand what areas you're neglecting and which ones are out of balance. They help you connect with your inner selves in a much more real way.

The toxins that cause disease could come from not only physical but also emotional factors. For example, when you hold in fear and anxiety, you might feel bloated and with pain in your abdominal area.

There can also be other food allergies because of poor emotional health. Not expressing emotions properly might trigger the desire to eat foods that could cause imbalance in native Aquarians. Be very careful with all of that.