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Now you’re in a moment of emotional openness, so use it to communicate from your heart. Put aside the mental conditioning and beliefs of the past and commit to a conscious relationship. This implies being present for the other person, whatever happens.

Good times are also a good time to be grateful and communicate your feelings. Consolidate your relationship by showing the most sensitive and vulnerable part of you, as it’s the best way to build stable relationships.

If you’re not in a relationship but have long wanted to get involved in something more serious, today is a good day to find out more about that person you like. Show all the best things you have Aquarius, because you have a lot to give, and that’s something that not everyone can say.


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Your income is steady and stable enough to provide the quality of life you need. You can always improve, but for the moment, invest part of your earnings in leisure rather than material things because that will bring you more satisfaction.

Look for harmony in the workplace, although sometimes competitiveness and stress take over, it’s good to cultivate good relationships. Good manners will make you achieve your goals more easily.

It’s a perfect time to undertake short and long-term projects. If you have found your vocation, don’t hesitate to take a gamble, abundance follows those who know how to find their place.


You’re still enjoying good health, so it would be good if you went for a walk more often. Today is the right day to get lost in nature and recharge your batteries with positive energy. Find places that make you feel peaceful and calm.

Your body is asking you for some rest, so don’t ignore it, even if you feel that you still have energy to spare. Relax with a good read, or some other activity that’s pleasurable and helps you disconnect from your routine.

Keep working on yourself, you’re making great progress. Remember that everything we experience gives us a new knowledge about ourselves. You have the skills for self-analysis you need to improve those aspects of you that you don’t like.