Aquarius Magic Horoscope 5
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Today’s horoscope prediction for Aquarius natives in love advises them to look more at the positive side of things. Your tendency to make mountains of grains of sand doesn’t help you at all when communicating with your partner.

Your family could fall into a spiral of conflicts and arguments today. There’s a clear possibility that your family will have to borrow money to cover expenses. But this is something you can avoid by planning.

Single Aquarius should make an effort to get out of their usual mental patterns. They won’t find love unless they’re able to clearly see a reflection of their own conflicts in others.


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Today will be an excellent day for your finances because you’ll step out of your comfort zone with courage and confidence. Good fortune will breakthrough thanks to a very favourable turn of destiny, led by a woman who’s close to you.

At work, the horoscope predicts that today your tendency will be to move towards your goals, which you’ve been planned dynamically so you can achieve them. Aquarius whose profession is related to cosmetics or body care will succeed today.

In general, the climate is very favourable for investments and new businesses. Now is the time to plan large companies, because it’s very likely that you will succeed.


Today Aquarius, the stars are favourably disposed regarding your health. This favourable star combination should give you enviable health most of the time. However, those prone to conditions such as colds, coughs and bronchitis should be careful.

On the other hand, it’s quite unlikely that serious problems arise during the course of the day regarding your health. Your emotions may be somewhat altered today Aquarius.

Magic Horoscope recommends you to jog or practice a sport that involves movement to get rid of that feeling of stagnation that you’ve been ruminating for several days.