Aquarius Daily Horoscope |




Thinking about the person you want to become, you could let yourself get carried away by new relationships that you don’t really understand. The positive part of this is that you can experience passion and emotion intensely when you least expect it.

On the other hand, you should allow yourself to feel these moments deeply, being aware of all the things you deserve in life and all those emotions that can be shared if you stop fighting against the light of other people.

Family problems will increase Aquarius, but these are special times that allow you to reconnect and solve problems on an extremely deep plane. Don’t let the limitations of other people define yours.

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You have to be careful with risk investments today. Keep your feet on the ground so you can work from a solid base. On the other hand, your mind will be very restless, but you have to concentrate and select only important issues.

Don’t harbour irrational expectations that things can change overnight. And this especially goes for your career and your finances. These days, with Venus in Leo, it’s better not to tempt fate and avoid clashes in the workplace.

Try to overcome problems with authority figures or start new business projects, since the challenges that involve ego battles can disturb you and make you less confident. Move forward at an appropriate pace.


Regarding your health, today will continue to be a favourable day for your body and your mind. Simply try not to let your mental state be agitated, this way you’ll avoid possible common ailments, which are nothing more than somatizations.

On an emotional level, you’ll feel good, so you can be available for your loved ones and that is something that fills you with satisfaction. Make the most of these days of harmony to spend time with them, which is normally not that easy for you.

Try, on the other hand, to learn to take things as they come and not to react impulsively or panic in the face of unforeseen events. This ability to act instead of reacting is something that can be learnt.