Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



Socially speaking, masks keep falling down on their own. Old models are becoming unbearable, and you're not willing to take all that fakery...

Also, your inner transformation's delayed; the planets point out that there's some reluctance to change on your part.

You're an expert at finding hypocrites, but you're also hurt about losing the friends you once loved. You should learn to let go, it's the only way to find real, complete individuals.

There's not many surprises in store for you as far as love is concerned. If you're in a relationship, things will stay steady; if you're single, other issues more important than love will be looming round your mind.

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Trying to keep controlling what you can't control gives you a feeling of powerlessness and te deja en lugares de impotencia y desvitalización, angustia y miedo.

Understanding that you're in a cycle that has its ups and downs is essential for you to be less confused and have clearer thoughts, Aquarians.

There's times to be looking in and other times where you should watch out, and both are key to be present in the here and now. Be responsible for your actions, and be sure that whatever choice you make always has been, and will still be, the right one. Trust yourselves more!

You have a lot of inner power, but it's hard for you to admit when to stop and to take a break.

Channel your efforts, and learn to know when to stop and when to give your all, to get top performance.


Do you enjoy nature but spend too much time stressed, Aquarians? Then, Shinrin Yoku is the perfect technique for you.

The idea is that, when walking, nature should enter our bodies through the five senses. It helps us improve our mood, creativity and health. The idea is that you walk around the grass at least for an hour, twice a week.

You need to pay attention only to what's around you, and to enjoy a nice cup of tea or fruit juice while you're walking. No phones or trouble allowed.