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Your strict and slightly stiff ideas on what relationships should be are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they act as a source of guidance, but on the other, they make you suffer. Not everyone can fit into that righteous mold.

Open up to the world but still keep your values alive, in order to find a healthy balance between love and truth. You'll be wiser and more enlightened about your life experiences and troubles of the past. Knowing how to be around in life avoids gratuitous suffering.

As far as your psychological state is concerned, you can overcome doubts about your romantic interest by assessing your concerns and comparing them to what you get in return. Show them what's important to you, and the relationship will be more than healthy.

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At work, you boost your authority and become less ethereal. People know what to expect or not from you, and this gives them a sense of safety. You set the main guidelines regardless of whether you're in power or not, and this is a positive influence on your finances. 

In come the profits or goods that will be useful and necessary to you. You're transforming your money into what you need and makes your life better.

Don't rush into getting everything you need in one go. You need to set a strategy, to prioritise. Save up so that you can get your other needs fulfilled the next month, and so on.


Your big question for today is... How can you have some time on your own when you're constantly asked to stay around in order to get everything done?

That's what being wise is about: knowing how to say enough is enough. It's not healthy at all to blend into a seriously sick society. If you always do what people expect you to, and if you choose to always do your best, get ready to experience an unprecedented nervous breakdown.

Restore all vitality drained from your demanding everyday life just by ignoring everyone from time to time. Do what you like, and now what you're supposed to do at all times.