Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You're aware that your partner isn't the only reason you're happy, in the same way that they're not the only trigger for your tougher times. That's great! That sense of separation helps you look at things from a wider perspective.

This helps you to avoid being as arrogant as other signs that think they're the main focus of everyone else's lives. In this life you're leading, you're the absolute star, Aquarians.

Happiness in a relationship should be a shared affair. You're not supposed to make the other person happy, and vice versa. We all have our own issues.

Emotions are steady and consistent, and you could even reach a point of personal emotional certainty. Use your good inner feelings to come closer to your friends and find out how they're doing.

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What you need today is the complete opposite of going by unnoticed. As far as finances are concerned, it's time to look outside. You know your tools, and also everything you can and can't do.

An active search for chances will derive into the realisation of your financial progress. Looking for a new job? Need another part-time activity to support your main wages? Today's the day to find that, and so much more.

Enough measuring each step as if your life depended on it. A dash of carelessness will make you look like someone a little more lax, and it will drive you away from the foul vibrations of those who are desperate. Get risky and you'll see the doors of unbridled abundance open before you.


Today you'll get in touch with your personal power and the potential to find the way to transform yourselves and others, by finding healing methods and getting rid of what's old and unnecessary to make some room for what's new and reborn.

You will also manage to find an interest inside you, aiming at understanding everything connected to death. This knowledge can be transmitted to others by guiding them in overcoming the fear that the idea of death brings around.