Aquarius Daily Horoscope for September 5

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Perhaps Aquarius, it would be a good idea to stop fantasising about an ideal of love and put more real love into practice. This would help you, whether you’re looking for a partner or if you already have one, but you feel that you’re not completely satisfied.

Your horoscope for today advises you to come back to reality. It’s okay to use your imagination to attract what you want into your life, but what you want has to belong in the real world.

Aquarius, love isn’t just a matter of luck or magic or even chance or capricious destiny. Love is a skill that you must first cultivate in yourself and then you’re able to find it in the outside world. Once found, you have to look after it day by day, otherwise, it dies.

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The prediction of the Aquarius horoscope for today in relation to money advises you to have more detailed control of your income and expenses from now on. Taking a look at your bank account from time to time isn’t enough, if you really want to prosper, you have to make plans.

On a professional level, since you’re experiencing a time where you have to wait due to the influence of the stars, you could make the most of today to organise everything that has to do with your working life.

Whether it’s schedules, habits, even documents or things, the order will help clear obstacles. That new order will make you feel stronger to change things for the better.


Your health today will be a bit delicate, although you won’t suffer any ailment that prevents you from doing your normal life, you’ll wake up feeling weak and a bit depressed. This sense of confusion will last almost all day. Watch your neck and everything that has to do with your shoulders and back.

On the emotional side, today’s horoscope predicts a fairly routine and quiet day. Otherwise, if a conflict arises at work or with any of your friends, you can resolve it peacefully.

Today is a good time to reconsider the aspects of your personality you want to improve. Humility and self-knowledge will help you improve not only your relationships with others but also your personal well-being.