Aquarius Daily Horoscope for April 6

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You’ll be able to solve negative situations that come from outside and affect your love life with surprising creativity. If you use your intuition, you’ll receive the key through a conversation, a book, or even the lyrics of a song. Don’t overlook anything that comes to you, because the signs of the stars sometimes aren’t clear.

It’s time to leave everything that has been causing you anxiety or negative attachments behind. Whether it’s about friendships that don’t benefit you or people who’ve hurt you, letting go of the past is essential for good things to come.

Your sensitivity won’t be an obstacle to let your strength of character shine. Make the most of the impulse the universe sends you to help your love life take a turn for the better.


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Your finances and professional and work lives are going well even though you may think that things aren’t going as you expected. The new direction events are taking will force you to open your mind and experience the abundance of life.

If the success of that project in which you’ve invested so much effort doesn’t depend on your decisions, make yourself heard and don’t be afraid to explain your point of view to redirect things. You have what it takes to lead and carry out the tasks you are responsible for.

Today can be the perfect day to plan the changes you want to carry out in your career. If you manage to overcome the lack of motivation and start your creativity up, you’ll achieve what you set out to do.


Your life is asking you to reorganise your work time and your leisure time. You’re a very productive person, but it isn’t convenient to let yourself get carried away by the euphoria of frantic activity, it doesn’t do your health any good.

Today you’ll have a conversation with someone who’ll give you the push you need to leave your comfort zone and start taking care of yourself as you deserve. Sometimes a friend, or even a stranger, can unknowingly help you with a simple sentence.

Although your health is generally good Aquarius, it’s never too late to incorporate new exercise and nutrition routines. Try everything your body asks of you and stay with what makes you feel better.