Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



There'll be minor issues in the relationship you recently started. It's okay, you still don't quite know what the other person likes, or what could be expected from that relationship on both parties...

But despite everything, you need to fight for your relationship. You can expect anything you want and more from it, but before that happens, you need to have conversations on that issue. Taking agreements for granted makes things complicated, but if you discuss them openly, you'll find understanding and the sharing of thoughts.

The current planetary arrangement predicts that this slight adjustment will be successful. None of you will regret having placed their bets on this relationship, so congratulations.


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You feel you should be more disciplined, but all of it falls into mental oblivion, instead of becoming a reality through behaviours and actions.

Set your creativity into motion, and set yourselves free from the past's conditioning and limiting life lessons. They stop you from unleashing and developing your full potential. Ask yourselves about what is it that you really want to do, instead of continuing to just bump and stumble through life, Aquarians.

The stars point out you're on your way, and that you can truly reach the goal of finding a job that fits your talents and gifts; but before that happens, it's quite likely that you'll re-do yourselves in any of the latest fields of expertise (new technologies, digital marketing, and so on).


You're not taking in the idea that you're at risk of being permanently stuck in an unhealthy habit that you've acquired as of lately. It seems harmless, but its repetition could be the early sign for future illnesses.

The irritability you've been suffering lately could be due to these new behaviours. Start analysing yourselves. Only you know what to do to feel better, instead of escaping your body, your main source of health.

Find communication with your loved ones and it'll be really easy to change tracks. Health is the main concern that should loom around your mind right now, Aquarians.