Aquarius Daily Horoscope
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You'll feel embarrassed and even overwhelmed by all the desire you're feeling today. Your intimacy is usually under control, you consider yourselves to be sexual but not too much. Today you'll want to party under the sheets as if you were born under a fire sign...

Do you have a partner? What are you waiting for? Give them an indecent proposal they can't refuse. If this relationship has been more focused on everyday life and surviving thanks to your jobs as of lately, the fires of passion need your help.

There's no need to experiment with anything that's too wild or far off; just let go with your feelings, share that burning fire from inside with gentle caresses, hugs and a sharp glance.

If you're single and it so happens that someone close wants to try out some intimacy with you, today you'll be getting a nice sexy serving. But watch out, because you're in for a risk of falling in love with one another, and that's something against which one of you will rebel...

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If you're still on holiday, it's time to touch down and land, at least mentally. As natives of a sign prone to dispersion, start organising about the things that require your attention, and those that you need to manage.

Unexpected bills and emergencies when you're back will be tough, but nothing you can't handle.

Avoid being enticing to your workmates. You might believe this is all just innocent flirting, but the truth is, it's part of your imagination.


Are you feeling tired, apathetic? You can't concentrate or sleep after coming back to work after the holidays? The post-holiday blues can get pretty strong for Aquarians.

If it were up to you, your life would be a constant to and froing, an endless adventure... But money eventually runs out and you have to go back to your routine!

Here's our advice to avoid your health from falling, so that you can bear with the blues in the best way possible. Take care of your duties with a slow but steady progress. Set priorities, start with the important ones, and with the easy-to-handle ones before tackling the most stressful ones.

When going to bed, respect sleep. Even if you managed to stay up late and sleep more or less fine, make your sleep patterns regular as soon as you can.