Aquarius Daily Horoscope |



You can be quite sensitive to vibrations around you, and this leads you to have exaggerate reactions. You won't be able to do much about it, other than admitting to this tendency and thinking twice before you do things.

It'll be way too easy for you to see other people's weaknesses. Don't use those against them. It's the problem of knowing yourselves well; you can get to know people real well almost unintentionally.

You have instinctive knowledge of how to help people, so channel your emotions by helping out and creating kindness among people around you.

Your home and meaning of family are definitely not conventional, but somehow you're still happy. Enjoy it then! And don't let anyone tell you your lifestyle's not the right one for you.

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Being unhappy about your job gets you into trouble as far as your relationship to authority is concerned. The fear of social rejection can get real strong, and in some way, you feel more watched than usual at work.

The need to feel accepted could make you create some daily routines to protect yourselves, but they will get taken down today and in the days to come, which will make you feel unprotected again...

The key to overcome this lies in the acceptance of fear and insecurities, by looking for the help of someone who restores your self-confidence and trust. Within your company, there's people who are definitely worth your time that you might have overlooked.

And regarding your out-of-work business, if you've got any, they will bring you more satisfaction than usual.


Your mother might have a peculiar personality, and be interested in health and healing, and she's subtly conveyed that into you.

This means you have innate knowledge to help, but also to know what's best for you. Even if everyone else thinks it's crazy, get the treats your body's asking for.

It doesn't matter that the weather is foul or that you live far from the beach. With this need of looking and listening to the sea, the best thing you can do to soothe your spirits is to listen to that impulse...