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In the tireless search for freedom and independence, Aquarius doesn’t hesitate to leave many people behind. Sometimes they are too suspicious and see desires of domination where there is only interest. In those cases, they run without giving any explanation.

This behaviour, Aquarius, doesn’t help your romantic relationships at all. If it’s about finding love, the person you like will surely not be surprised by your attitude. If you already have a partner, you should explain your reactions better.

Be that as it may, the prediction of today’s horoscope for Aquarius advises you to be more present in relationships and not behave in a reactionary way. If necessary, you’ll have to explain so people can understand you better.


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Today, Aquarius, you have to use your intuition to invest and earn extra money. Although a few days ago it wasn’t the right time to move in this direction, today things have changed. Pay attention to your dreams and hunches, because they are the key in this matter.

Regarding work, today’s horoscope advises you to focus your energy on the conservation of what you have. If your work is related to computer science, great success awaits you.

On the other hand, your spirit of solidarity and your spiritual search will help you greatly in your career if you’re able to transfer these qualities to this field. Use your personal qualities more at work.


Your health today will be quite good, however, if you’re going through a period of stress, it is very likely that you’ll feel it in your stomach. If you learn to eat in a relaxed way and focus on what you eat, you’ll avoid unwanted discomfort.

Similarly, the daily prediction of Aquarius for today is very clear: physical exercise will help you be in a better mood and this, in turn, will palpably contribute to your good physical and emotional health.

Today you’re also likely to be assaulted by the desire to improve your image. You haven’t been feeling great for some time and today is one of those days, so you’ll possibly make a decision about it.